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Mobil Ferrari terbaru 2011.

Mobil Terbaru 2011 – Informasi Terbaru dari dunia otomotif untuk Harga model Review dan spesifikasi untuk Mobil Terbaru 2011 khususnya dari Mobil Ferrari terbaru 2011.
Dan berikut adalah salahsatu Mobil Terbaru 2011 datang dari pabrikan Ferrari.


If you love sports cars or have ever dreamed of owning one then be prepared to make your next big purchase. Ferrari has more than out done themselves with the new 2011 Ferrari 548 Italia. This car is surpassed the previous mid-rear engine sports cars with cutting-edge technology.


Ferrari 548 Italia has been redesigned at every angle making this car a must have for sports car enthusiasts and collectors alike. This car responds to the input of the driver with precision and internal friction is reduced in the engine, which makes the fuel consumption even lower than previous models. The Ferrari 548 Italia is innovative with a new steering wheel and dashboard that is a direct result of racing practice. This aerodynamically designed car is beautiful, sleek, fast and guaranteed to leave you breathless.


The 2011 Ferrari 548 Italia is compact with an aerodynamic design that provides a lightness and efficiency unlike any other. The new model generates a down force wind of 140 kg at 200 km/h and has one opening for the side air intakes and front grille and winglets on the nose to help create down force, which will reduce the cut drag. It has a 4.5-liter, V8 engine that has a 562 horsepower. It has a seven-speed transmission (dual-clutch) which only increases performance by keeping the shifts smooth even at full throttle. When we say fast, we mean fast! This car whips from 0-62 mph in just 3.4 seconds and will race to 124 in 10.4 seconds.


The 2011 model Ferrari 548 Italia debuted at the Frankfurt Motor show in September 2009, and then graced the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The Ferrari 548 challenge, which was adapted for competitive driving, was debuted at the Bologna Motor show. This Ferrari 548 has a manufacturer’s retail price of $225,000. This is definitely not a family car. The interior only has two leather seats and there is not a lot of storage area with only small pockets in the doors and a shelf in the back. It is loaded with a great stereo system but if you’re looking for more entertainment features in your car, this may not be what you’re looking for. With a car of this stature, a good radio and an open road will be all you really need.
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